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WHO WE ARE History Association's Government Board Tradition
The Fishermen Association of San Pedro was born in 1,361. Formerly there was an existing large fishing activity, but this was the year when the authorities gave recognitition to the entity.

Since then on, there have been several different fish sales markets. The present one was inaugurated at 1997.
Hunt of the whale
First historic data of whale hunt indicate that Basque fishermen were pioneers on this activity. The first documents on respect of this subject are dated 31st December 1200, when King Alfonso VII asked the Basque “arrantzale” a whale every year.

Despite there are not too many data, whale hunt seems to have been firmly established at our fishermen's lives, probed by the big amount of related images appearing on that age coats of arms.

A document stamp from Hondarribia, dated 1335, is kept at Paris's National Archive. There are fishermen harpooning a whale in that stamp, in a similar way that the ones appearing on the Association's coat of arms.

WHO WE ARE History Association's Government Board Tradition
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