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Who we are
The Lounge
The Fleet
Done Pedro-Delicatessen
The Association has achieved the best facilities to best supply service and support to the activities carried out at port. With a continuous improvement vocation, the optimal investments are studied in order to keep this fishing port on top of service quality.
Our facilities enjoy the service of several scales and weighbridge, inside and outside the main buildings.
The Association owns several refrigerated rooms and fridges to cover the needs of fish sales.
Auction Room
The auction room is provided with modern technical supports for sales and sales control.
Loading Bay
Our loading bay grants a fluid transit of the dispatched fish, which is world wide delivered.
Fishing tools and parts sale service
The Association supplies a fishing tool and parts sale service, as well as other sea material (clothes, apparels…), available for all members and for general customers.
Box cleaning conveyor
Association owns some cleaning and disinfecting facilities for fish boxes, so that they can be reused. The cleaning capability goes up to 20,000 unit per day.
Net manufacture and repair building
In this building, women manufacture and repair the fishing nets. The building holds machinery, handling and transport elements.
Private Boat Warehouses
Each boat in the Association is supplied a 75 m2 warehouse for their tools and spare parts.
Ice Factory
Side by side with the main building, the ice factory is giving support to Hondarribia's boats, as well as to the buyers on this raw material, essential to obtain the best fish in the world.

Those facilities produce 90 ice ton per day, with a stock capability for 400 ton.

The ice service for buyers is supplied by pneumatic transport, from ice factory to lounge.

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