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The Associations Lounge is the place in which all captured fish is sold. There, all fish is weighted, kept on ice, inspected and registered to support the collective with a reliable economic and sanitary control method, then finally the fish is placed at the fish reception lounge, where it is viewed for the auction.

Buyers, either in a direct way or through intermediaries, assist the auction and buy the fish after formalizing all the required procedures.

There are two different sale systems: Auction and first sale. The common requisite is that all the operative is registered for the Association.

At the auction, after inspecting the just downloaded fish, the accredited buyers take part in an inverse auction, in which the modern electronic system shows a decreasing price till one of the buyers stops the bid.

At a “first sale”, the vessel can supply a lot of fish to an appointed buyer, apart from the auction, at an agreed price. This operative is controlled by the Association, for the best inclusion of all fish at their statistics.

In this way, the fish obtained in Hondarribia can be tasted all over the world, reaching the most demanding global markets, as well as the tables of the best cooks.

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