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WHO WE ARE History Association's Government Board Tradition
In a yearly basis, and for many years, the Association keeps on celebrating the following traditions:
San Pedro Apóstol Festivity (29th June)
Every year, on 29th June, the members of the General Assembly and the Managing Board used to go on procession from the Arch of the Fishermen Brotherhood to the Church of Hondarribia, where the elections for the Managing Board were celebrated.

Nowadays, this tradition is still maintained. However, the elections are issued every 4 years at the Association's building, due to fleet requirements.

Virgen del Carmen Festivity (16th July)
This celebration consisted on a maritime procession, with one of the Associations boats carrying on the Image of Virgen del Carmen on board, from Hondarribia port to the bay, where a flower offer was done to honour those seamen lost in sea.

This offer was undone for some years, but now it has been recovered.

Santiago Apóstol Festivity (25th July)
Same with the San Pedro Festivity, there is a procession from the Arch of the Fishermen Brotherhood to Hondarribia Church. In this festivity, a young girl, daughter of one of the fishermen, chosen by the Abad Mayor, is carrying the chest containing the Annual Accounts. Once in the church, the results of the past fishing campaign are read in front of the authorities.

Following, every 4 year, in the same place, the new members of the Managing Board take possession of their charges.

Once the act is finished, the retinue returns to the Arch of the Brotherhood, accompanied by a music band, and the young carrier starts a rite of prosperity, by spinning with the chest on her head. According to the tradition, the many the spins, the most fruitful the new campaign.

Christmas Present (medium December)
This is a really ancient tradition. In the beginning, the target was helping the fishermen in crisis, by presenting 5 kg of codfish and 7 litres of oil, so that their familias had some mean of happiness during Christmas.

Nowadays, despite not being any need, the tradition is maintained.

Christmas Eve Mass celebration (24th December)
On 24th December, at 9 in the morning, a Mass is celebrated at Guadalupe Sanctuary, where all arrantzales (fishermen) go, followed by a fast appetizer.
WHO WE ARE History Association's Government Board Tradition
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